Two women staring at each other from about twenty feet apart, in a grassy field in autumn. A tree-covered mountain rises behind them as storm clouds roll in.

Storytelling photoshoot in Jeffersonville, Vermont.

A long-exposure image taken at night of taillights disappearing around a large boulder in the darkness on a wet night.

Illuminated remnants of a flatbed semi carefully cornering on a wet night in Smugglers' Notch, Vermont.

A woman in white protective scrubs sits on a defunct toilet in a dirty, peeling, green-tinged room. She stares into the camera with a mask on and a syringe in her hand.

2020 plague photoshoot in an abandoned barn.

A reflective pond at nighttime, with stars dotting the sky above a rolling, snowy mountain covered in evergreens.

Sterling Range as viewed from Sterling Pond, Cambridge, Vermont.

A top-down drone shot captures a skier with a red backpack traversing flat ground on a bright, sunny day.

A still from a backcountry skiing video.

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