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A poster mock-up with a poster that says "The language of design" on a piece of dark paper, with backlit purple light. Four different hands hold the piece of paper.

The Language of Design
​​​​​​​This poster was the final piece of a project that centered around presenting a design quote in the most creative way possible. You can see some of my variations and process below!
I had multiple final options using many mediums and materials, but always with the same Neue Haas Grotesk Bold, faithfully recreated by hand.

Option 1
Option 1
Option 2
Option 2
Option 3
Option 3
Option 4
Option 4
Collaboration! Behind the Scenes!
Collaboration! Behind the Scenes!
For one option, I stitched my quote into a denim shirt and wore it to critique day.
For another, I painted my quote with Modge Podge™ on Kraft™ paper, then sprayed it with water. When dry, the quote is invisible, but when doused in water, it appears.
I also cut my quote out of paper with an X-Acto™ knife and projected it on to the wall, which was a Team Effort™.

My quote was said by Jennifer Morla, and I reached out to her in about providing a video addressed to my class, to be played in critique. To my great delight, she responded! Unfortunately, we weren't able to connect in time, but having her reply to my request was a lovely experience.
Hi Emmitt, sorry for the delay in my response, I have been out of town.
– Jennifer Morla
LGBTQ+ Rights Worldwide
Using data from Franklin and Marshall Global Reports, I created a visual representation of LGBTQ rights worldwide. Below are close-up shots that highlight the physical alterations I made to the poster.
Click on the image and zoom in to see more detail.
Detail explaining the methodology
Detail explaining the methodology
A close-up shot of the three-dimensional poster.
A close-up shot of the three-dimensional poster.
A poster that says "Don't say gay" and details LGBTQ+ education gag laws in american state legislature.
This poster is a data visualization map of bills and laws that restrict the teaching of LGBTQ+ topics in educational settings across the USA.
Threee posters hanging on a rusty metal wall. All of them say "A Movie in Every Moment" and they are promotional posters for tourism in New Orleans.

This is a typographic poster for New Orleans Tourism, featuring a custom lettermark and copywriting.
Poster hanging on a sunlit wall that says "Ordinary days" for the musical "ordinary Days" by adam gwon.
Ordinary Days
Utilizing multiple motifs from the musical, this poster teases the production of the musical "Ordinary Days".
the playwright and composer of Ordinary Days, responded to this post on my instagram, which was a lovely recognition on a piece that I am proud of..
Love this!
– Adam Gwon
A grid of black square posters that advertise an event called "Typomania"
Typomania 2022
These three square posters promote a type workshop by Cheryl D. Miller. Using no color or imagery, it is up to the type to create a visually compelling composition.
A red poster on a concrete wall that advertises Imagine RIT. It depicts a hand pushing over a series of increasingly large dominoes.
Imagine RIT
This minimalist poster for Imagine RIT uses simple symbolism to represent the creativity and innovative ability on display at the yearly convention.

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